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A Day at Studio Nuri
Acrylic on canvas, 125 x 190 cm, 2008

  • A Day at Studio Nuri
  • One day if I lose my hair?
  • Are your hands sweaty?
  • Are your hands sweaty?
  • The Istanbul Transit Orchestra
  • A romantic dinner
  • Hope it ends soon so we can leave
  • You look thoughtful
  • You look thoughtful
  • From inside the wallet
  • From inside the wallet
  • From inside the wallet
  • From inside the wallet
  • Truth or Dare?
  • Truth or Dare?
  • Grandma's House (triptych)
  • Grandma's House (triptych)
  • Grandma's House (triptych)
  • Can We Enter With Shoes
  • Team Work
  • Don't Point
  • Concentration
  • General Audience
  • Are you together?
  • Size 43
  • Tell your father to get his arm off my shoulder
  • I Always Think About You In My Spare Time
  • Portraits
  • Portraits
  • Portraits
  • Look into my eyes
  • Old and tired
  • First
  • Is Dinner Ready?
  • Look At Me (2)
  • Look At Me (3)
  • Family Souvenir I
  • Family Souvenir II
  • Family Souvenir III
  • Can Work Flexible Hours
  • Willing and Able To Travel
  • Does Not Have Any Military Obligations
  • Is a Good Team Player
  • Resides on the European Side
  • A Graduate from a related department of a good university
  • Presentable
  • Experienced and Creative in His/Her Area
  • Has Leadership Qualities
  • Resides on the Asian Side
  • Care for Men
  • Erotic Bread Series
  • Erotic Bread Series
  • Erotic Bread Series
  • Erotic Bread Series
  • Erotic Bread Series
  • Settling Smoothly I
  • Settling Smoothly II
  • Night Watch I
  • Night Watch II
  • Outsiders, Insiders
  • Outsiders - Insiders
  • Outsiders - Insiders
  • Outsiders - Insiders
  • Passive Defiance I
  • Passive Defiance I
  • Passive Defiance II
  • Passive Defiance II
  • Passive Defiance I
  • Passive Defiance I
  • Passive Defiance I
  • Passive Defiance I
  • Passive Defiance I
  • Pasive Defiance I - Installation view
  • Waiting Room II
  • Waiting Room I
  • It Was Artsy Cause It Had Round Edges II
  • It Was Artsy Cause It Had Round Edges III
  • It Was Artsy Cause It Had Round Edges I
  • Body parts and some water / Alternative Topographies
  • Pet love, Alternative Topographies
  • Smoke, Alternative Topographies
  • Walk 1, Alternative Topographies
  • Walk 2, Alternative Topographies
  • Close friends, Alternative Topographies

Seda Hepsev



After graduating from Marmara University, Painting Department and completing the Sufficiency in Arts Program in Yıldız Technical University (in 2013), Hepsev had the following exhibitions at x-ist: “Intersection I” (2005), “The Null Element” (2007), “Some Wrongs Do Make a Right” (2008), “Everyone is a Kid at a Kids’ Birthday Party” (2011), “Disguise” (2013), “a mountain on a finger, a mountain in the anus, a mountain on top of an elephant” (2015) and “Sirens and Mermaids” (2017).


Her drawing exhibition “A Lot of Tango” took place in IMC 5533 (Istanbul) in 2012. Hepsev participated in many international exhibitions and art fairs such as “stay with me” (DEPO, Istanbul, 2015), “A new hook. Rethinking Needlework” (Switzerland, 2011), “Istanbul Now” (Vienna, 2007), “Art Dulcinium” (Serbia, 2005), 11th Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean (Athens, 2003), “Istanbul’s Doors” (Amiens, 1999), “Young Expansions” (Pera Museum, 2005), Contemporary Istanbul’07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15, St-art 2009 (14th European Contemporary Art Fair, Strasbourg, France), Vienna Art Fair 2011, Art Beat 2011 (Istanbul), VIP Art Fair 2012, SCOPE Basel 2010 & 2012, ArtInternational 2014 (Istanbul).


Hepsev took place in the artist residency program at Cite International des Arts (Paris) in 2011 and also exhibited her work in the group show “Dream & Reality” at The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (2011 - 2012). Hepsev was invited as a visiting artist by OG9 Zurich Kunsthaus Aussersihl where she exhibited her project titled “Clocks”. In 2015, she exhibited her solo project "Hands on Hips" at Kunstkasten (Zurich, Switzerland) and participated in the group show titled "Challenging Identities" (Concordia, Enschede, Hollanda), Seda Hepsev is featured in the book “Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey” first published in 2010.

Seda Hepsev works on various media such as painting, drawing, artist books and embroidery. The context of her works goes to two distinctive directions. One of her focus is on gender issues, focus on gender roles, fragility of social institutions like family, education and urban life.

popular culture and ordinary practices from everyday life are some of the major subjects of her works.. And on the other side works that deal with specific and exact social, defined roles for man and woman. I see a great value in works that are hand made, textiles and authentic character of folk art, naive oriented painters and their engagement with different hand made materials. I use my intuitive ability to guide the creation of my work, which may be the main similarity between my work and craft.

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