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CR269-47 (From the Series Citadel)
acrylic enamel paint, pigment based inkjet print on anodized aluminium board , 100 x 100 cm, 2010

  • CR269-47 (From the Series Citadel)
  • Animal Triste
  • Sex Slave
  • May 1st
  • Citadel
  • Modern Turkish Women Series
  • Modern Turkish Women Series : Mother at 15, Woman at 30
  • Can We Enter With Shoes
  • Against Luck
  • Modern West
  • Exotic East
  • Flag
  • From the Series Anamnesis
  • Vinly Proud / Hesitation's Always Mine
  • The Rich Cry Too V
  • The Rich Cry Too VII
  • Inheritance Passes From Father to Son I
  • The Head
  • Daydream
  • Civilizations : Stone
  • Fail Failoğlu

Contemporary Istanbul 10

Ali Elmacı, Ansen, Cem Dinlenmiş, Ekin Saçlıoğlu, Seda Hepsev, Ali Taptık, Alp Sime, Banu Birecikligil, Burhan Kum, Canan, Lale Tara, Nazım Ünal Yılmaz, Nuri Kuzucan, Sena, Sinem Dişli

25 November - 28 November 2010

x-ist will be at Stand b401 in Contemporary Istanbul 2010. Works of Serkan Adın, Ansen, Banu Birecikligil, Canan, Cem Dinlenmiş, Sinem Dişli, Ali Elmacı, Seda Hepsev, Burhan Kum, Nuri Kuzucan, Ekin Saçlıoğlu, Sena, Alp Sime, Ali Taptık, Lale Tara, Erkut Terliksiz, Gözde Türkkan, Nazım Ünal Yılmaz and Nalan Yırtmaç can be seen in the show.


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