Doğum: İSTANBUL, 1982

Emin Mete Erdoğan graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department. In 2013, he opened his first solo show titled “Entangled Cern Plans” in Sanatorium (Istanbul). In 2015 his second solo show, “Entroforming” and in 2018 his third solo show ‘The Flood’ opened at x-ist.


Erdoğan’s works took part in several group exhibitions including “No 3” (Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, Istanbul, 2014), “The Break” (Kare Sanat, Istanbul, 2014), “Variations on An Andalusian Dog” (x-ist, 2015) and “Detail'' (Blok Art Space, İstanbul, 2016).


The artist participated in Miami Pulse 2013, Art Stage Singapore 2016, Art Dubai 2016 and 2018, Contemporary Istanbul 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and ArtInternational Istanbul 2014 (Istanbul).


In 2015, Erdoğan is featured in the book ''Gestalten Illusive-Contemporary Illustration Part Four''.

Bitkiler, Hayvanlar ve Binalar IV

Acrylic ink on canvas, 190 x 142,5 cm, 2019

Bitkiler, Hayvanlar ve Binalar II

Acyrlic ink on canvas, Ø 150 cm, 2019

Follow the Water IX

Acrylic ink on aluminum plate, Ø54.5cm, 2018

Three and Half Billion Years After the Abiyogenesis XIII

Acrylic on poliester moulding, relief, 100 x ...

Beautiful Sadness IV

Acyrlic on poliester, sculpture, 100x50x50 cm...

Follow the Water IV

Acyrilic ink on canvas, Ø250 cm, 2018

The Flood 2


The Flood

Acyrilic ink on aluminum, 112.5 x 225 cm, 201...

Kubbenin Altındaki Entroforming 11

Acrylic ink on paper, 70 x 140 cm, 2016

Kürenin Üzerindeki Entroforming 8

Acrylic ink on aluminum plate, 110 x 210 cm, ...

Kürenin Üzerindeki Entroforming 7

Ink and acrylic pen on stainless steel, 50 x ...

Terraforming 2

Acrylic on aluminum, 100 x 150 cm, 2015

Kürenin Üzerindeki Entroforming 6

Acrylic ink and acrylic pen on aluminum, 135 ...

Kürenin Üzerindeki Entroforming 4

Acrylic ink and acrylic pen on paper, Ø 70 cm...

Kürenin Üzerindeki Entroforming 3

Acrylic ink and acrylic pen on aluminum, Ø 75...

Kubbenin Altındaki Entroforming 2

Acrylic ink and acrylic pen on aluminum, 100 ...

Kürenin Üzerindeki Entroforming 2

Acrylic ink and acrylic pen on paper, 70 x 10...

Kürenin Üzerindeki Entroforming 1

acrylic ink and acrylic pen on aluminum, 100 ...


Acrylic pen and carbon pen on aluminium, 90 x...


Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100 cm, 2013


Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 150 cm, 2012

The Flood 3

Acrylic ink on canvas, 130 x 210 cm, 2017