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An Ordinary Day
Handcut on mold paper, spray paint, 133 x 108 cm, 2018

  • An Ordinary Day
  • Vortex
  • Who is waiting there, who is hunting me
  • Expansionist Policy
  • Untitled
  • Demanding Lap
  • Suffocating Culture
  • Stealing the fire
  • Not to be was not be
  • Olympic Bounce
  • Scheming
  • Theoretician Post-Mortem
  • Encouragement
  • A Descriptive Information for Foundation
  • On Other People’s Playground
  • Insatiable Journey
  • Ill Fortune

Serkan Yüksel


Serkan Yüksel studied for two years at Trakya University Faculty of Education and graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture, which he entered in 1998, in 2002. Between the years 2006 and 2009, he completed his master’s degree at Marmara University Department of Sculpture.

The artist’s works generally comprise the metaphors of daily life, politics, and an unhealthy society which experiences tension in intellectual and emotional expression. He starts with patterns and creates works that utilize other techniques such as collage in his artistic journey. He uses the patterns from 1970s and ‘80s fashion magazines as well as old newspapers, printed materials, and visuals. He aims to remember and to remind by creating works with an ironic expression through certain concepts.

Solo Exhibitions


2019, “A Rough Wind Was Circling the Square”, x-ist, İstanbul

2015, “Before Falling Asleep”, C.A.M. Gallery, İstanbul

2013, “Endurance”, Kare Art Gallery, İstanbul

2011, “Grammar”, Art Suites Gallery, İstanbul

2008, “Sensations”, Kare Art Gallery, İstanbul

2005, “Monologues and Dialogues”, AA Art Gallery, Ankara


Group Exhibitions & Fairs


2021, Over Again, AKM, Istanbul

2021, Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul

2021, Artweeks@Akaretlerde, Istanbul

2020, Artweeks@Akaretlerde, Istanbul

2020, "Sharing Water", Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, Istanbul

2020, “Imperfect Glance”, Labirent Sanat, İstanbul

2019, “Paper”, Pilevneli Project, İstanbul

2019, Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul

2018, “Gang”, Sanayi Project, İstanbul

2018, Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul

2017, “Personance From The Neighbours”, Resonance Gallery, Filibe

2017, “In Shadow”, C.A.M. Gallery, İstanbul

2017, “Drawing Today”, O’art Gallery, İstanbul

2017, Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul

2016, “Pastoral Diyalogues ll”, C.A.M. Gallery, İstanbul

2016, Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul

2015, Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul

2015, “Start ‘Art Within Reach’ vol. III”, C.A.M. Gallery, İstanbul

2015, “Oyun Parkı”, NevNesil, Galeri Nev Ankara, Ankara

2015, “On Paper”, Gaia Gallery, İstanbul

2014, Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul

2014, “I’m Always a Little Bit Too Much”, Muse Istanbul, Mamut Art Project, İstanbul

2013, Contemporary Istanbul, İstanbul

2013, “The Break”, Kare Art Gallery, İstanbul

2013, Scope Basel International Contemporary Art Fair , Basel

2012, 10nd International Aspat Stone Sculpture Symposium, Bodrum

2012, “Terrace Exibitions <40” Proje 4 L, Elgiz Museum Contemporary Art, Istanbul

2012, “Reality Terror” Depo, Asfalt Gallery, Mars Gallery, İstanbul

2011, “Inspiration or Devil” Meeting Of Poem And Sculpture, Gallery Is¸ık, Istanbul

2011, 1st Hattus¸a Naturel Stone Sculpture Symposium, Çorum

2011, “Young Sculpture 2” Çıragan Palace Sculpture Gallery, Istanbul

2011, “8-İM” Artgalerim Art Gallery, İstanbul

2011, “Corrosion on Surface”, Art Suites Gallery, İstanbul

2010, 7th International Alanya Stone Sculpture Symposium, Alanya

2010, “Young Sculpture 1” Arte Istanbul Art Gallery, Istanbul

2010, “Cold Element” Beyogˆlu Akademililer Art Gallery, Istanbul

2009, “Confrontation”, 17 Ağustos Gölcük

2008, Marmara Universtiy “50. Year Artists and Designers 2” CKM, Istanbul 2nd International Dokimeon Stone SculptureSymposium, Afyon

2008, “2. Uluslararası Dokimeon Taş Heykel Sempozyumu”, Afyon, Türkiye

2008, "Young Sculptors", Artisan, İstanbul

2007, 2007 5th International Istanbul Stone Sculpture Symposium, Fındıklı Park, Istanbul

2006, Artforum Ankara Young Artists Painting Competition Exhibition, Ankara

2005, "Artrol", İstanbul Modern Sanatlar Galerisi, İstanbul

2003, 64th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Ankara

2003, "One Together", Group Sculpture Exhibition, Ilayda Art Gallery, Istanbul

2003, 13th Istanbul Art Fair, TÜYAP, Istanbul

2003, “Anarchy 3”, Kargart, İstanbul

2002, 63th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Ankara