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Lucky You
C-Print, face mount to plexiglass mounted on dibond, 80 x 123 cm

  • Lucky You
  • The Intersection Set
  • Run With The Hare And Hunt With The Hounds
  • All We Need is Some Time Darling
  • No Man's Land / Homecoming
  • No Man's Land



21 January - 06 March 2021

Ansen’s 10th solo exhibition “Reunion” presents the audience with a construct of his new works that reflect his series focusing on power and human relations in an integrated and retrospective way. The exhibition demonstrates the transformation of Ansen’s works by following how he adds a new dimension to the theme of his works, carved out of multiple disciplines, with each new series.

Since his first solo exhibition at x-ist in 2004, Ansen’s style, which has created an idiosyncratic blend to expand the framework of digital art, opened the doors to the reality of a “new world order that is being digitalized fast” ahead of his time and now includes plastic arts in this space. Through the concept of “Reunion,” Ansen’s works provide a comprehensive glimpse into his practice while inviting the audience to the process of reckoning between the artist and his works. The works derive from the scenes designed by the artist based on situations where humankind is helpless in its relationship with nature, the effects of adopting an indifferent approach to nature, and the states of individuals independent of nature.

Choosing materials in accordance with the conceptual framework of his subject-matter and setting off from their associations, Ansen’s search for form and format is solidified in the “Reunion” series through the objects that have been used most frequently during the pandemic such as latex gloves, cleaning supplies, chemicals, and medical tools, including their structural features into the compositions. The harmony of color in each work offers hints about the artist’s approach to the theme of the work.

Ansen’s 10th solo exhibiton “Reunion” can be visited at x-ist between January 21 and March 6.


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