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After the Game
Oil on canvas, 160 x 180 cm, 2015

  • After the Game
  • Residual
  • Untitled (Glass I)
  • Untitled (Glass II)
  • Nonexistent Family Portraits II
  • Nonexistent Family Portraits I
  • Nonexistent Family Portraits III
  • Brothers
  • Untitled (Glass III)
  • Untitled (Glass IV)
  • Untitled (Glass V)
  • Untitled (Glass V)
  • Doorstep
  • And & On I
  • And & On I
  • Untitled (Glass VI)
  • Another time...
  • Aqua Dramatica


Burçin Başar

19 November - 19 December 2015

Burçin Başar's exhibition entitled Retrace, an exhibition of tracing the roots, can be seen at x-ist between November 19 - December 19, 2015.


Burçin Başar presents to the audience her oil paintings as well as her works produced with mixed technique, which she created through investigations on root and identity, space and time, the ordinary but non-existent, the interior and the exterior, earth and water, the borders where the thought captures the space but the truth is outside, and the uncertainty of these borders.


By taking fragments from different time periods, the artist, who focuses on the trace that the root leaves on the identity, describes the gold that people buried in the ground when they had to leave their homes, the non-existent family portraits, the roots that they trace, the doorstep or underground stories, the sky seen again after a long time by a fallen person or an animal. 


Burçin Başar gives the last clues about the meaning that lies behind her works with the quote from Ayça Gürdal Küey's book "Meeting the Artist: Theo Angelopoulos": Inner borders referring to the "necessity of one's leaving the borders of one's own identity in order to understand"... Borders preventing the understanding that one has for the others... Invisible borders between people, the border between life and death."



In 2010, Burçin Başar graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Painting Department. Between 2007 - 2008, she continued her education at National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. Among the exhibitions and art fairs Başar participated in are "Beginning"(Getronagan High School Alumni Association, Istanbul, 2013), "in search for the new" (Armaggan Art & Design Gallery, Istanbul, 2013), and "Art 7/24 - Vol. 2" (Armaggan Art & Design Gallery, 2013), "Young Fresh Different" (cda-projects, Istanbul, 2010), "11th International Young Painters Exhibition" (CKM, Istanbul, 2009), "Intersection V" (x-ist, Istanbul, 2013), Art14 London and Contemporary Istanbul' 10, 11, 13 & 14 art fairs. In 2013, Başar receivedhas awarded as honorable mention at SVA (School of Visual Arts, NY) Summer Residency Scolarship program by Moon and Stars Project.




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