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Tomorrow will be Yesterday!
Mixed media on canvas, 145 x 205 cm, 2017

  • Tomorrow will be Yesterday!
  • Fake Paradise
  • The First Conman
  • Devouring Each Other…
  • Fake Innocent
  • Analizing the Blank
  • Then I've been a tiger and a wild wolf
  • Chudovishte
  • Discover Yourself!
  • On the Road
  • Big Black Fish
  • Run!
  • Untitled Fog
  • Natural Executioner


Burçin Başar

19 October - 18 November 2017


“The cat that eats the lamb, the dog that chokes the cat, the stick that beats the dog, the fire that burns the stick, the water that puts out the fire, the ox that drinks the water, the butcher that slaughters the ox, the death angel that takes the butcher’s life... How long will such madness continue this way? And so, everything starts all over again!”

Chad Gadya


Burçin Başar’s second solo exhibition “Ravenous” to be held at x-ist focuses on the concept of chaos that surrounds all points of life. In an impressive way, the artist conveys insatiable hunger, greed, the ambition of being in power and the confusion of living beings on her canvas and the new surfaces that she experiences, and pursues the theory of chaos of which we became a part of. Proceeding with the thought that “in fact, there was only chaos in the beginning”, one of the bases of ancient Greek mythology, the artist summarizes her exhibition as “in fact, there is still only chaos…”

The Israeli rhyme Chad Gadya is one of the starting points of the exhibition that addresses the struggle for existence in a system where the air, the earth, the plants, the animals and the human beings eat and digest each other, as well as the fact that we create new chaos over and over again while searching for new systems. The young artist states that “we blend all points of life by finding extraordinarily big insanities in extraordinarily small changes”, and in her exhibition, besides canvas, she makes use of metal plates as surfaces –materials that will make the audience confront oneself through the reflections they create. Such as in her first exhibition, along with the figures that she has vaguely placed inside her abstract compositions, she creates this time a new order with the wild animal forms that she places in a gradually intensifying atmosphere. 

Burçin Başar’s exhibition entitled “Ravenous” can be visited between October 19 – November 18, 2017 at x-ist.


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