17 January - 09 February 2008


17 January-9 February, 2009

Since the dawn of time and/or the beginning of written history the 'menace' has been ever-present. From God's admonitions to Adam concerning his eating of the Apple and its possible repercussions, to a multitude of passages in almost every religious text on record, we learn about the punishment that awaits us for our sins. Stretching this even further to the present state of the Middle East the menace has been the lever of choice for those with power and for those without it. It is used to goad the uncooperative and unruly.

The menace can also appear as a natural reaction to man's actions as in the case of global warming. Or it can be entirely neutral and arbitrary, like the threat of a meteor striking out planet.

These threats are used to keep us from making the best decisions for ourselves at critical moments. When people are faced with the issue of self-preservation, the question of 'security' emerges. At this point the curtains open and human history with all its dramatic and ambitious destruction takes the stage.

If I attempted to capture all this gruesome history using film as my interpretive medium each piece would be approximately 180 minutes. But here I have created a new platform, a place where form and space battle in a rarefield atmosphere without unnecessary distractions. It is a stage peppered with dark humor and the twist of a blade, where the narrative is unconstrained yet economical.

The Menace is the third in a series. This time, instead of working with the theme directly, I chose to use my ever present subject “humankind” as the vehicle. I chose to explıre the new heights and depths reached in our evolutionary progress, the cumulative history that is in the making, the unlimited power that we possess for destruction, the will to wipe out the Other fort he sake of self-preservation, even the con that we are willing to perpetrate in order to win a simeple 'game'. I have compounded all these elements and utilized them in my own story to expose you to the menace. - Ansen

This exhibit is dedicated to my dear friend and fellow artist Şevket Sönmez, in celebration of his recovery and return to us…


Digital monoprint, 131 x 121 cm, 2007


Mono lambda Print, 200 x 127, 2007


Digital monoprint, 122 x 122 cm, 2007

The Sample

Digital monoprint, 132 x 100 cm, 2007

Perfect Timing To Shoot the President

Digital monoprint, 159 x 100 cm, 2007

Match Point

Digital monoprint, 154 x 100 cm, 2007


Digital monoprint, 205 x 122 cm, 2007

The Hook Up

Digital monoprint, 214 x 122 cm, 2007

Holes in the Trick

Digital monoprint, 186 x 122 cm, 2007

A Heroic Ending

Digital monoprint, 195 x 100 cm, 2007

The Heavyweight

Digital monoprint, 196 x 122 cm, 2007

The Duellists

Digital monoprint, 196 x 122 cm, 2007

The Crime Scene

Digital monoprint, 100 x 207 cm, 2007

The Con 2

Digital monoprint, 177 x 100 cm, 2007

The Con 1

Digital monoprint, 177 x 122 cm, 2007

Köşkte Temizlik / Cleanup at the Presindential Palace

Digital monoprint, 115 x 245 cm, 2007