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acrylic on canvas, 100 x 70 cm, 2008

  • NEB
  • FEJ
  • EKAJ
  • Untitled
  • Sustainable War
  • Sustainable Migration
  • An Exhibition in Support of The Anachronistics
  • Civilian Tectonic Movement
  • Organic Relations
  • Expansive Education

Intersection III

Cem Dinlenmiş, Maksut Aşkar, Sait Mingü

18 September - 18 October 2008

The works of painter Sait Mingü, will be the first ever viewing of the artist in Istanbul. The subject matter of the works are familiar icons from the silver screen, but Mingu's approach and handling of these subjects is unique. The selection entitled "DNIWER" and the titles of the works present a small puzzle to revisit scenes and incorporate preexisting false identities to an alternate reality.

The works of Cem Dinlemiş a young yet famous illustrator and successful featured caricaturist are a new entry for the Turkish contemporary art scene. His unique style which at times could be said to pay homage to an orientalist miniature like narrative, combine a modern street sentiment and an un-apologetic look at a present state which seldom veers from the truth. Such pieces as "Sustainable War" and "Sustainable Migration" give a hint to the ironic and at times playful approach.

The third featured artist of the Intersection show is Maksut Aşkar, his non conventional contributions stem from a unique self-made discipline, not a traditional artist in the sense of the Fine arts he is a self described taste engineer, a master chef /artist. The primary works on exhibit are a part of a the artist CMYK concept, where color and taste battle for supremacy of the senses.


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