Home, Sweet Home

Bahadır Baruter

30 April - 24 May 2014

And then we started to build houses.

We separated ourselves from others.

From now on, we were inside and everything else was left outside.

We imagined ourselves always inside a house.

Even when we were young, we fixed our eyes onto that house which would be ours in the future.

And we've never realized that it was in fact the house who kept an eye on us.

And that others had their eyes on our house.

Houses are dangerous homes of people who are educated to grant a lot for little gain.

Homes are sacred places of the poison called ownership.

Baruter, in his paintings is taking a deep down taboo journey into the realm of houses which he defines as haunted temples.

He is uncovering the uneasy silence of deep corners of rooms with tightly closed doors holding secrets which even unknown to our selves.

Home, sweet home... Our sweet, capacious and peaceful home, burning down itself and burning down us...

Baruter, in his paintings takes a deep down, taboo journey into the realm of houses, which he defines as haunted temples. He uncovers the uneasy silence of deep corners of rooms with tightly closed doors, holding secrets which are unknown to even ourselves.Home sweet home...our sweet,  capacious and peaceful home, burning itself down;  burning us down.

x-ist hosts Bahadır Baruter's new solo show “Home Sweet Home” between April 30 – May 24, 2014. Questioning societal taboos through intimate portraits, Baruter brings to light hidden realities of the concepts of home and marriage through a fictional narrative.

As a continuation of his previous show, “Your Family is a Lie, Dear”, Baruter this time delves into the inner worlds of women who are raised with the goals of marriage and raising a family. Peeling off the masks that people put on in order to disguise their true feelings inside a household, Bahadır invites the audience for an introspective look through characters that stare the viewer in the eye. The women in his stories yearn for the release of their true spirit after realizing the difference between what their dreams offered them and what they are actually experiencing. Now these civilized characters of Baruter desire more than ever a life in touch with their true selves and nature. 

We witness an inner inquiry of individuals who feel lonely and insecure at times and captive at others, as a result making semi-voluntary life decisions under the influence of societal structures and rules. “Home Sweet Home” can be seen until May 24, 2014 at x-ist.

İstersem Giderim

Dijital Monobaskı, Diasec, 121 x 216 cm


Dijital Monobaskı, Diasec, 144 x 245 cm,

İyi ki Doğurdum

Dijital Monobaskı, Diasec, 120 x 170,5 cm

Kurban Töreni

Dijital Monobaskı, Diasec, 150 x 245,5 cm


Çerçeveli Dijital Monobaskı, 161 x 120 cm,


Dijital Monobaskı, Diasec, 131 x 209 cm


Tecessüs", Dijital Monobaskı, Diasec, 122 x 211,5 cm


Dijital Monobaskı, Diasec, 130 x 210 cm


Çerçeveli Dijital Monobaskı