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Acrylic ink on wood plates

  • He-Man
  • On Leather Steeds They Ride
  • The Untamed Lands
  • Cosmos without Hatred
  • We Sail Through Endless Skies
  • No One
  • Mother Earth is Pregnant for the Third Time
  • Mortal Kombat

Gods, Monsters and Men

Murat Palta

01 February - 03 March 2018

Murat Palta’s second solo exhibition to be held at x-ist entitled “Gods, Monsters & Men” will meet the audience between February 1 – March 3, 2018.

Bringing together especially the form of classical miniature and elements of popular culture in a distinctive style, Murat Palta focuses this time on mythology’s way of narrating god, men and monsters in his second solo exhibition to be held at x-ist. The artist, who interprets mythology’s strong symbolism through his original and witty language, brings together in his exhibition characters that still continue their existence today.

Having focused on cult literature and cinema in previous exhibitions held both at x-ist and in Russia and France, Murat Palta gravitates towards mythology’s way of depiction in his exhibition "Gods, Monsters & Men". The artist focuses on the fact that all characters are living at the same time and in the same world although being at different places and looks for the answer of the following question: “What are and can be the roles of gods, men and monsters in the events taking place or are likely to take place today?” While extending the limits of traditional art, the artist uses all the absurd details of popular culture with an understanding of dark humour and meets the audience with his works produced with different techniques and materials. Questioning miniature’s structure that is based on the idea of multiple scenes on a single surface by conveying it to three-dimensional works and in terms of the artificial depth perception that it creates, Murat Palta will surprise his followers with a collection including a variety of hand-woven rugs, mixed media on paper and MDF, wall sculptures and video animation.


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