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A Trial Above Depth at Utrecht University
Fine art paper, archival pigment printing, MDF, cellulosic dye; 49 x 161 cm, 5 ed + 1 AP

  • A Trial Above Depth at Utrecht University
  • A Trial Above Depth at Utrecht University
  • Underground Excursions
  • Self-Portrait I, in Front of Antalya Konyaaltı Municipality
  • Flow of Information, Rotterdam Central Library
  • Restructuring, Perpa
  • Urban Detail II
  • Urban Detail I
  • Disintegration
  • Perpa Stairs
  • Leon City Auditorium
  • Urban Detail III
  • A Biennial Structure

Four or The Unfurled Silence of Chaotic Cities

Ali Bilge Akkaya

21 September - 30 October 2021

Interpreting the intimate relationship between city and geometry with a powerful aesthetic vision and an experimental approach, Ali Bilge Akkaya points out a new artistic era in his creative production with his fourth solo exhibition “Four or the Unfurled Silence of Chaotic Cities.” Positioned at the junction of the strong emphasis of contrasting colors, the sense of illusion due to symmetry, and accidentalness that references human nature, the artist takes architecture, his primary material, beyond the borders of its own practice.

Building a dialogue between photography and plastic arts, Akkaya presents a holistic approach in his works, which feed on one another as part of his exhibition “Four or the Deep Adventure of Deserted Roads.” Organically carrying the image of the photographs outside the picture thanks to his idiosyncratic form in frames, Akkaya signals a new era unlike his previous series with his auto-portraits and sculptures, two disciplines he included in his exhibition for the first time. Focusing on the perfect encounters between places and people in his photographs, the artist shares with the audience the transformation in his own artistic practice via a range of tools such as photography, video, and sculpting.

Akkaya decontextualizes the physical world around him from time and space and rebuilds it by embedding various techniques into his practice for the sake of self-expression. His fourth solo exhibition “Four or the Unfurled Silence of Chaotic Cities” can be visited at x-ist’s gallery space at Karaköy Juma between September 21 and October 30.



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