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Oil on canvas, 120 x 170 cm

  • Welcomers
  • Like a Day
  • The Chronic
  • Respiration
  • A Minute Ago
  • Time For Healing
  • Small Green Leaf
  • Pink with Fox
  • Smooth, Severe, Continuous
  • Loop III

Counter Argument

Burçin Başar

04 November - 11 December 2021

Burçin Başar, who seeks an alternative approach to perception patterns based on images, in her 4th solo exhibition “Counter Argument”, she deals with the positivity of the post-digital age and the ever-widening virtualization state, in line with the relationship between ideal and reality. Concerned about creating a new space in the face of the pollution of visual memory, the artist shapes a new way of seeing as an alternative to the visible image with the concept she treats as 'Counter' in her exhibition.

The disappearance of the figures becoming more and more vague within the works of the exhibition “Counter Argument” overpowers nature as a reflex towards image pollution. Başar's attitude towards those images shaped by artificiality turns into a search for a new atmosphere in her compositions.

The exhibition in which Burçin Başar deals with different forms of expression such as painting and video in a holistic dialogue, masks the digital photographs she has taken from personal archives as visual material in her sketches with manual manipulations. Those masks on the artist's oil-painted canvases create a cyclical discussion, turning the connection between virtual and reality into a game. The way of thinking questioned in the works explores the beginning and end of the relationship between ideal and reality.

Burçin Başar's fourth solo exhibition titled "Counter Argument" can be seen at x-ist's gallery space in the Juma building in Karaköy between November 4 and December 11.


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