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Female Figurines III
Oil painting on modelling clay, acyrilic and frame, 12x12 cm, 2018

  • Female Figurines III
  • Female Figurines IV
  • Female Figurines V
  • Female Figurines VII
  • Female Figurines VIII
  • Female Figurines IX
  • Female Figurines X
  • Cybele l
  • Where is your centre?
  • The Kiss
  • Flowers of Love II
  • Flowers of Love IV
  • Fuss of Extinction l
  • Fuss of Extinction ll
  • Star
  • How beautiful you became with your parcel
  • Venus
  • Flowers of Love I
  • Cybele lI
  • We Could not Fit Anywhere Il
  • We Could not Fit in Anywhere I
  • Female Figurines IV
  • Female Figurines Xll
  • Female Figurines Xl
  • Our Sun l
  • Our Sun ll
  • Our Sun lll
  • Fertility Goddess
  • Lifetime of the Cybele
  • Leaf of Human
  • Female Figurines VI
  • Female Figurines Xlll

Beauties of Civilization Fought for Beauty

Hüseyin Arıcı

20 December - 19 January 2019

x-ist will host Hüseyin Arıcı’s second solo exhibition entitled “Beauties of Civilization Fought for Beauty” between December 20, 2018 – January 19, 2019 at its new address at Karaköy Juma.

Hüseyin Arıcı is an artist who obscures the boundaries between reality and illusion and leads the audience to questioning their beliefs within a framework stretching from personal tendencies to social instructions. He will meet the audience with his second solo exhibition entitled “Beauties of Civilization Fought for Beauty” to be held at x-ist.

Having set up his first solo exhibition ‘Don’t Be Deceived!’ in three different series, the artist has prepared paintings, sculptures and installations for this exhibition by only focusing on his series ‘Spineless’. He starts to tell about the starting point of the exhibition with these words: “The pieces in the series ‘Spineless’ are each little monuments of our shames. These monuments are fed by human fragments of immense societies. The spineless creatures that make us cripple are the characteristics of our disturbing sides. And these characteristics are fed by tyranny, exploitation, class distinction, arrogance and greed. In short, these little monuments are not after honouring our honesty but the darkness of our heart.”



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