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Museum of Dead Animals (triptych)
oil on canvas, 125 x 135, 135 x 175, 125 x 135 cm, 2010

  • Museum of Dead Animals (triptych)
  • Vinly Proud / Hesitation's Always Mine
  • Innocent Surrogates / Madonna and Child
  • Innocent Surrogates / Shining Madonna with Child
  • Innocent Surrogates / They Told Me It's a Boy
  • Shadow Government Im-pact

Art HK'10

Ansen, Banu Birecikligil, Lale Tara

26 May - 30 May 2010

Art Hong Kong 2010, one of the most important contemporary art events of Asia, will host over 150 galleries from 29 different countries in its third year. The fair will take place between 26-30 May, 2010 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center and this year is sponsored by Deutsche Bank. 


x-ist,  one of the two turkish galleries invited to the fair, will once again share the some of the best of  Turkish contemporary art with the world. Works by Ansen, Banu Birecikligil, Canan and Lale Tara will be exhibited in the show. Ansen and Lale Tara have alraedy become well-known names after their exhibitions in Asia in the last two years. Ansen, who has developed a unique visual language, is taking place in Art HK 10 with a new work that has a geopolitical subject/content. Works from the artist  Canan, will be  a selection of video works since 1998. Lale Tara retells the story of Virgin Mary from an extraordinary viewpoint, making the viewer ponder on reality. Banu Birecikligil meets the Asian art world with her new triptych work consisting of fantastic elements.


Among the other participants of Art HK 10,  White Cube (London) will exhibit paintings of Gary Hume and Sarah Morris, Galerie Lelong (Paris&New York)  the colored prints of Catherine Yass, and Lehmann Maupin (New York) the installation of the Korean artist Do Ho Suh. After the success of Art HK 09, which hosted 27,856 visitors in 4.5 days, Art HK 10 is expected to confirm Asia as the summit/leader of the art world.


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