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Fahrenheit 451 III
C-Print, face mount to plexiglass mounted on dibond, 185 x115 cm

  • Fahrenheit 451 III
  • The Constant Gardener
  • The Equilibrium
  • The Inflatable Republic
  • The Social Web
  • The Desert Fox and The Seven Sleepers
  • The Men with Balls II
  • The Hungry Cats of The Full House
  • The Tesla Coil
  • The Deep Case File of Joseph K.
  • All Her Majesty's Men II
  • Her Majesty's Men I

Allegory of The Cave


09 September - 08 October 2022

Ansen’s 11th solo exhibition “Allegory of the Cave” borrows its name from one of the most prominent allegories, expressed through Socrates, in the seventh book of Republic by Greek philosopher Plato and comprises works interpreted by the artist through his own artistic practice. In this exhibition, the artist wishes to underline the metaphorical similarity between the “images reflected on the cave wall” which, in the original allegory, is used for people living in their own caves of perception, and the “works displayed on gallery walls” by the artist.


Ansen determines the materials he will use in line with the conceptual framework of the subject-matter of his works and investigates the meanings alluding to the diversity of the world of objects. This time, through a metaphorical narrative, he puts forth a path about the real story behind what is seen. His works investigate the idea of individuals becoming free in accordance with the reality of the reflection and what is being reflected in the allegory, guiding the audience to trace the hints. Composed under the influence of various disciplines, Ansen’s works bring together his magical imagination with exclusive works of world literature and the concepts generated by the relationship between power and hegemony that repeats throughout history, centered around the phenomenon of becoming free.


In the approach of the exhibition “Allegory of the Cave,” Ansen attaches importance to the role of the audience in the exploration of the main story behind the stories, sustains his claim that the “cave” phenomenon and the “gallery” space are similar, on the basis that freedom is only possible through individuals, i.e. the audience, pushing themselves, and highlights the importance of the audience being able to read the reality of the story on their own terms, despite all images seen, and to talk about it.


The artist’s style, which has been creating a unique blend in order to expand the framework of digital art since his first solo exhibition at x-ist in 2004, is re-encountered in the works of this exhibition through both narrational and improvised results.


Ansen’s 11th solo exhibition “Allegory of the Cave” can be visited at x-ist between September 9 and October 8, 2022.


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