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The Worship of Venus, After Tiziano Vecellio
Oil on canvas, 114 x 146 cm

  • The Worship of Venus, After Tiziano Vecellio
  • Those Transformed by the Wind
  • Those Who Came with the Wind
  • Border of the Forest
  • The Cappadocian Dragon
  • Hopeless Space
  • Crumbling monument in fragonard view
  • Colorman at the Night
  • Landscape in Landscape
  • The Resistance
  • Objects of Death Life
  • Portrait of the Contrary Child
  • Storm, After Giorgione
  • Mantegna's Pain Free Landscape
  • Lights of Night
  • Transformation
  • Nativity of the Luminous Creature, After Piero della Francesca
  • Artist’s Self Portrait of Luminous Toy

Open World

Tayfun Gülnar

29 January - 12 March 2022

Tayfun Gülnar’s third solo exhibition at x-ist, Open World will remain open for visitors between January 27 and March 12, 2022.


Tayfun Gülnar’s third solo exhibition at x-ist, Open World brings together tranquil sceneries far from this world and its transforming figures in a series of works through which the artist plays with the parameters of European painting in the 15th and 16th centuries. Presenting the audience with the relationship he established between scenery and indoor paintings that goes beyond periods in time, the artist searches for ways to rid of the bodily and mental influences of the concepts of closedness, safety, and censure on individuals.

Having expressed his meticulous and detailed style in his reproduction of the past through a monochrome palette, the artist demonstrates in Open World the transformation of his paintings for the need of being peaceful and hopeful. Gülnar not only brings the effect of color to his paintings but also alters the beings he created in his previous series into new figurative forms. Life and death are intertwined in works such as “Adoring Venus”, “Hopeless Pit”, and “Metamorphosis.”  Enabling an interpretation of disease, wellbeing, decay, death, and life through figures, the paintings are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and the atmosphere in Tiziano Vecellio’s landscape paintings.

In his paintings where days, nights, calamities, resistant life, and hope are as intertwined as they are in reality, Gülnar presents the effects of daily life in a fictional place parallel to the modern world.


Marking a new era in Tayfun Gülnar’s works, Open World can be visited at x-ist between January 27 and March 12.


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