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The Master and The Ace
C-Print, fuji crystal archive glossy paper, face mount to plexiglass mounted on dibond, Ø100 cm, 2018

  • The Master and The Ace
  • The Master and The Conqueror 2
  • Ad Libitum (As desired)
  • Silence Means Consent
  • The Iron Armada
  • The Northern Square
  • The Aquarium / The Opposte is Cured With The Opposite
  • The Night Watch

“Codex Seragliensis: Respect to Klaudios Ptolemaios


15 November - 15 December 2018

x-ist hosts Ansen’s 9th solo exhibition entitled “Codex Seragliensis: Respect to Klaudios Ptolemaios” between November 15 – December 15, 2018 at its new address at Karaköy Juma.

In his new exhibition “Codex Seragliensis: Respect to Klaudios Ptolemaios”, Ansen adds a new link to his past exhibitions as a continuation and meets the audience with a series which indicates the starting point of his works focusing on power and people.

Known as Batlamyus in the Islamic world, Greek astronomer and geographer Klaudios Ptolemaios (Ptolemy) has formed the basis for medieval astronomy with his geocentric theory of the universe and his works from 2000 years ago are collected today in the book Codex Seragliensis GI 57.

Focusing on the worlds that have come to be known after geographic discoveries and inviting the audience to the mysterious rooms of this world, Ansen focuses on ruler figures and their axis, influence and how they shaped history while shedding light on the source of global understanding inherited until today.

In the exhibition that indicates the starting point of the artist’s works focusing on ‘power and people’, it is possible to find clues on how geographic discoveries shaped science, history and art and how they will be shaped hereafter. In each of his series, Ansen starts out with the use of different media and connotations. This time he adds the shaving foam to his preparation process that he meticulously carries out in an admirable way and turns the disadvantage of the quickly dissolving material into an advantage. The forms that he creates partly by improvisation and partly by intentional intervention combine with the structural characteristic of the material and produce a gothic effect. Creating the compositions by working with shaving foam on glass, the artist accomplishes the process of dissolution and deformation with the production of a constructive structure and surprises the audience with the inclusion of unexpected media in the digital environment.


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