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Oil on canvas, 105 x 120 cm, 2019

  • Storyteller
  • Interview
  • Confrontation
  • Under the Heaven Flowers
  • Ustopia
  • Island
  • Nocturnal

Gülin Hayat Topdemir

İstanbul, 1976


Gülin Hayat Topdemir completed her undergraduate and graduate education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting. In 1998, she worked at Salzburg Mozarteum Academy. Her works were exhibited at Christie’s Dubai in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, she was invited to Summart Painting Campus at the OCAD University in Toronto. In 2016, her work “Play Time” was featured on the cover of Bennington Review (U.S.) magazine. In 2017, her work “5 O’clock Tea” was selected the cover art for Anna Journey’s book The Atheist Wore Goat Silk (U.S.). In 2019, she participated in the Tunisia residence program as the United Nations’ IOM guest, and her work was exhibited at Abdelliya Palace. In 2020, her works was participated to group exhibition entitled "5 o'clock Tea" curated by Shulamit Bruckstein at German Consulate.

Her works are a part of many private collections in Europe, the Middle East, and Turkey including MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow, Poland) and C21 Museum (Kentucky, U.S.). The artist’s works, depicted in a realistic style, reflects the surreal stories of women and the dark corners of their imagination. She masterfully weaves stories by blending the colorless atmosphere of her compositions and Chiaroscuro, a method of treatment of light that dates back to the Renaissance. In the works of Topdemir, whose works are romantic and lyrical just like the symbolists but also comprise a harsh reaction to society and taboo, the “woman” is depicted in a serene, fantastical rendering of dystopia.


Solo Shows:

2019, "Doors to Ustopia", x-ist, İstanbul, Turkey

2015, “Salon Rouge”, Zilberman Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey

2013, “Black Box”, Zilberman Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey

2010, “Every Young Girls Dream”, Zilberman Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey

2008, “Complexion”, CDA Projects, İstanbul, Turkey


Group Shows/ Fairs:

2020, Artweeks @Akaretlerl, İstanbul, Turkey

2019, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2017, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2016, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2015, Vienna Contemporary, Vienna, Avusturya

2015, Art International, İstanbul, Turkey

2015, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2014, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2015, Art International, İstanbul, Turkey

2013, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2012, Artsawa Dubai, Dubai,United Arab Emirates

2012, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2011, Marrakech Art Fair, Marrakech, Morocco

2011, Artsawa Dubai, Dubai,United Arab Emirates

2011, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2010, Contemporary İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

2010, Artbosphorus İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey



2007, Nuri İyem Painting Grand