Lale Tara's exhibit at Istanbul Modern

Haziran 2011

Lale Tara who has already become a well known name after her first solo show Doppelganger at x-ist (2009) and international exhibits in France (Paris, Maison des Métallos, 2009), Art HK’10 (Hong Kong, 2010), and in London (JAMM, UK, 2010), will present works from her latest series "Innocent Surrogates", starting on June 1st at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. Since her first exhibition, Tara uses inanimate sexual surrogates and objects as definitive characters which embody the artist herself. The series is comprised of the initial problematic she discovered in her work, Madonna Con Bambino. This concept allows the artist/us to reexamine this iconic construct independent of a linear timeline and specific geopolitical placement which in its very nature changes and morphs through this embracement of the other, pulling in the audience into a world that transcends the rational mind. The artist strengthens the relationship between her experiences and imagination through her photographs constructed with mute objects and surrogates in a multitude of scenes and spaces which also play a role. 


Tara's solo exhibition, Innocent Surrogates,  bringing reality and the truth beyond reality together, can be seen between June 1 and September 4, 2011 at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.