First guest of Cité des Arts in 2011: Seda Hepsev

Ocak 2011

Seda Hepsev is participating in the art residency program at Cité Internationale des Arts from January to April 2011. Cité des Art Residency Program, which is coordinated by IKSV, offers her a unique opportunity to benefit from private workshops, live, create work, and exhibit at the studio for four months. Also, Seda Hepsev "Everyone is a Kid at a Kids' Birthday Party" exhibition meets with the art lovers at x-ist between January 20 and February 12, 2011. In an ironic way her artworks address social identity and status, body posture, behaviors and attitudes which are not met in our daily lives. Past participants in the residency program have included artists Ahmet Öğüt and Aslı Çavuşoğlu.