x-ist was established in 2004 as an art gallery to support young, contemporary and national artists in their professional endeavors based on universal ideas. 

At x-ist, we welcome the future of the Turkish contemporary art. We strive for the visibility and rise of the national talent worldwide based on international criteria. 

The artists at x-ist are not mere employees but the real owners of the institution. The gallery aims to sustain their positive contribution to the system through an objective appraisal of their ideas and suggestions which is independent of time and space. 

At x-ist we champion ideals, not ideologies. We know and respect the fact that superior artistic production will, in due time, obtain an identity as an idealist statement. 

At x-ist we are neither elitists nor populists. We do not take sides other than that of art, we do not serve a privileged few, we are egalitarians and we believe art is for the masses.

At x-ist we take risks and encourage others to do the same. We reject a pure materialistic mentality as well as all productions that do not question the system and go down the easy road. 

At x-ist we defend the unbreakable unity between a fine idea and a superb application which in turn necessitates a precise construction of the relationship between content and context. 

At x-ist we reject status quo and advocate creative movement. We envisage the evolution of a healthy and non-simulative learning process only through its own internal dynamics.

At x-ist we embrace teamwork, we oppose the hegemony of one man. We support, brainstorm and exercise all kinds of motivational ideas for our employees who form the backbone of our institution.