The Heretic, C-print Museum Plexiglass Sandwich, 90 x 176 cm, 2011

The Heretic, C-print Museum Plexiglass Sandwich, 90 x 176 cm, 2011

Kayseri, 1978

Ansen graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department. He had five solo exhibitions at x-ist: “x-ist-ence” (2004), “Resistance” (2006), “Menace” (2008), “The Trace” (2009), and “Malevolence” (2011). Ansen's works were selected for the Sotheby’s London 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 and Christie’s Dubai 2011 & 2012 Contemporary Turkish Art Auctions. Among the group shows Ansen participated are “young expansions” (Pera Museum, Istanbul, 2005), “Tradition of the New: New Aspects in Contemporary Asian Art” (Sakshi Gallery, Taiwan, 2009), “A Subjective Panorama on Turkish Contemporary Photography” (Maison des Métallos, Paris, 2009), “Confessions of Dangerous Minds” (Saatchi Gallery, London, 2011) and “Samawi Collection II Exhibition” (Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, 2012). His work was featured at Contemporary Istanbul’06, 07, 08, 09, 10 & 11, Art Fair Cologne’06 (Germany, 2006), CIGE’08 – China International Gallery Exposition (Beijing, China), ShContemporary’09 (Shanghai Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Fair), SCOPE New York 2010, ART HK’10 (Hong Kong International Art Fair), SCOPE Basel 2010, Art Dubai 2011 & 2012 fairs. Ansen is featured in the book “Unleashed: Contemporary Art From Turkey” first published in 2010.

Solo Exhibitions

2011 - "Malevolence", x-ist, İstanbul

2009 - "The Trace", x-ist, İstanbul

2008 - "Menace", x-ist, İstanbul

2005 - "Resistance", x-ist, İstanbul

2004 - "x-ist-ence", x-ist, İstanbul

2003 - "Lost Puppets and Their Recorded Dreams", Metrocity Shopping Mall Art Gallery, ETS Shop, İş Sanat, İstanbul

Group Exhibitions and Fairs

2012 - Contemporary İstanbul’12, İstanbul

2012 - Art Dubai 2012, Dubai, UEA

2011 - Contemporary İstanbul'11, İstanbul

2011 - Art Beat 2011, Istanbul

2011 - "Confessions of Dangerous Minds", Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2011 - Art Dubai 2011, Dubai, UAE

2010 - Contemporary Istanbul’10, Istanbul

2010 - Art HK 2010, Hong Kong, China

2010 - SCOPE New York Art Show, New York, USA

2010 - SCOPE Basel 2010, Basel, Switzerland

2009 - SHContemporary’09 (Shanghai Asia Pasific Contemporary Art Fair), Shangai, China

2009 - Contemporary Istanbul'09, Istanbul

2008 - CIGE'08 (China International Gallery Exposition), Beijing, China

2008 - Contemporary İstanbul'08, İstanbul

2007 - Contemporary İstanbul'07, İstanbul

2006 - Contemporary Istanbul'06, Istanbul

2006 - Art Fair Cologne'06, Cologne, Germany

2006 - “Natur-mort”, Galerist, Istanbul

2005 - “Young Expansions”, Pera Museum, Istanbul

2004 - ‘‘Strategies No3: Moment & Focus” , Siemens Art, Istanbul

2002 - ‘‘Taste’’, İş Sanat, Parmakkapi Art Gallery, Istanbul

2001 - ‘‘Made in Turkey”, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul

2001 - "Degirmendere Second Painting Symposium", Kocaeli

1997 - Berlin Municipal Palace, Berlin, Germany

1996 - Istanbul Fine Arts Anatolian High School, Kadıkoy Municipality, Istanbul

1995 - Istanbul Fine Arts Anatolian High School, Kadıkoy Municipality, Istanbul

1994 - Istanbul Fine Arts Anatolian High School, Kadıkoy Municipality, Istanbul

Museum and Institution Collections

Grundfoss Inc.

IS BANKASI Collection  

Berlin Municipal Palace

Liechtenstein Museum




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