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Feb. 58
Acrylic on canvas, 190 x 190 cm, 2016

  • Feb. 58
  • Room
  • Porch


Engin Konuklu

27 October - 26 November 2016

Engin Konuklu, whose first solo exhibition "Éternité" was held in 2014 at x-ist, will hold his second solo exhibition between October 27 - November 26, 2016 and this time focus on past memories and on "Home", the concept which brings to mind these memories most intensely.


Questioning the subjective search for nostalgia pursuing the beauties caught only in photography shots by people who, by saying that nothing is like before, actually long for a time in which they are not living, the artist emphasizes that reality, and even nostalgia, might never be like in that photographs indeed.


Nostalgia, which was considered as a disease in the 17th century, defines the state when in all those years of wars, genocides and epidemics, people's yearning for home reached an intolerable extent and a fatal melancholy engulfed them.


The young artist, who transposes frames from photography shots to canvas by using airbrush, displays his talent in technique in his recent works as well.